Thank you for visiting our site, at Bob's Garage we provide complete automobile service from basic oil changes to complete engine rebuilding. We are commited to providing you with the best service using the best tools available in the market today. All of our technicians are certified experts who have multiple years of experience.

Taking care of cars & trucks is our passion, and at Bob's Garage we make sure that every vehicle gets inspected and nothing is overlooked. After all, ensuring your vehicle is safe can prevent accidents and in some cases can mean the difference between life or death.

So please stop in at Bob's Garage and support your Local economy.

Bob has lived in Sugar Grove for 15 years providing auto repairs to the local area.  Combined Bob and his staff have nearly 50 years experience.




Car Repair Blog Entries


  • "They are a great business and very friendly."
    Ben wheeler
  • "No kidding. Bob groans when he sees my vehicles come in, especially when they're chained down on the roll back. But he always smiles after the groan, and fixes them the best. ..."
    Annie Malone
    Bob fixes all my junk!

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