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Posted by Brian Brown on May 12, 2011 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

From Bob's Garage in Sugar Grove and to all our customers in Marion VA and surrounding Smyth County we want to thank you for your support.  We have recently received some great testimonials that we'd like to share with you. If you care to offer a review or testimonial please visit our website at or simply visit our Google Places Page.

At Bob's Garage we diagnose and Repair Engines, Brake Service, Oil Changes, Replace Batteries, Air Conditioning Repair, Transmission, Clutch, New & Used Tires and much more!!  We Do It All For All Your Automotive Needs!!

Testimonial  1:

I was very satisfied with Bob's work and there were no suprises when the bill came,as he had told us ahead of time what it would be. We were back on the Rd. to home in Del. in good time.Thank you Bob, and I've asked around and everyone tells me he was very reasonable.

Jay Reese - Satisfied Customer

Testimonial 2:

No kidding. Bob groans when he sees my vehicles come in, especially when they're chained down on the roll back. But he always smiles after the groan, and fixes them the best. I love Bob and his Garage!

Annie Malone - Bob fixes all my junk!

Testimonial 3:

We have used Bob's Garage for many years. They always explained the work to be done very clearly so whenit came time to pay the bill there were no surprises...and WOW what great prices!!

Brian Broan - Happy Customer


Posted by Brian Brown on April 8, 2011 at 1:59 PM Comments comments (1)


 Due to the complexity of today's transmissions a vehicle must first be properly and thoroughly diagnosed. Most shops offer an initial free transmission check which should include a road test, external diagnostic check, and a complete computer scan, in order to determine if the vehicle has an electrical malfunction or mechanical problem. Beware of any transmission repair facility that quotes you a price over the phone without first doing a thorough diagnosis of your vehicle's transmission problem. Today's cars, trucks, and SUVs have computer controlled transmissions and many times a computer malfunction will give the impression that there is a transmission problem. Due to the increasing technology in late model vehicles, the transmission repair facility may need to conduct an electrical diagnosis first to eliminate the possiblity of a computer malfunction versus actual transmission damage.


Be wary of ads that claim “will repair any transmission for …...” or offers to rebuild a tranmission for an unbelievably low price. The tranmission must be properly diagnosed and in some cases a thorough internal diagnosis which includes removing and dissassembling the transmission to find the extent of the damage. Your cost of repair can then be accurately determined. Most shops offer free external inspection and some shops offer to conduct an internal inspection for a reasonable charge.

 You should also become familiar with the term of “rebuilt” as it applies to transmission repair. Even though there are more than 300 parts in the average transmission, a transmission may only have a few internal parts replaced to be called “rebuilt”. In many states if two or three parts are replaced it can be called “rebuilt” or “overhauled”. Ask exactly what is being repaired and what parts are being replaced and if the parts are new, used, or reconditioned. Florida law states that on a rebuilt transmission all parts and labor must be individually itemized or listed on your final estimate. It is also not a bad idea to ask the shop to show you or keep for your examination the worn or damaged parts that were replaced and itemized on your final bill.

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Transmission Repair - Secrets to choosing the right transmission shop

Posted by Brian Brown on January 26, 2011 at 2:39 PM Comments comments (3)

These days it is really getting hard to figure out how to choose the right transmission repair shop that will be in your best interest if you have a transmission failure or problem. Most folks are fairly naive about what to look for orlisten to when choosing a place to replace a worn out transmission, this post should be helpful.

If calling some shops is your first move, I would recommend having a list of questions handy and doing a lot of analytical listening to what the person on the phone is saying. A qualified shop owner will listen too and use your information as a guide and use this info to convince you in terms you understand why his shop is the best one to do business with, without even quoting you a price.

It is unethical to quote prices over the phone on transmission problems before it is examined. I think in most cases a shop can sell itself over the phone by being professional, sincere and honest to you. A referral from a friend that had a good experience is the best recommendation of all. In any case, you may narrow your choices down to a few shops. With that in mind it would be a good time to visit the shops and see what they look like and talk more with the person in charge...such as Bob at Bob's Garage.

At Bob's we have no secrets to building customer confidence. We always treat customers just like I want to be treated when I enter a repair facility for any professional service.

We start with a phone call by making a convincing argument why the vehicle needs to come to our shop and be diagnosed first, for free. We have a lead sheet so we could write the customers name down and problem.

#1. We greet our customers by name when possible to show we were listening to them on the phone.

#2. Our shop is clean and organized which simply gives a good impression. It makes it easier to do good work also.

#3. Naturally if the shop is clean and safe it is great to give your customers a tour of the shop equipment, facility and technician/s who will work on your vehicle.

#4. We will give as much time as you the customer needs to understand the suggested transmission repair and why it is the repair that suits their interests the best.

#5. No pressure or obligation if you need to think about it overnight or needto check out another business.

For reasons I can explain another time, an overly busy shop is not always a good sign for choosing a facility.

I recommend checking with the Better Business Bureau and the Division of Automotive Affairs. Most states have a consumer division for reporting fraud, poor repairs, etc. Other good indicators are how long they have been in business. The longer the better in most cases. Don’t discount a newer or young shop just because it is new, if you get the right vibes, than you may have a diamond in the ruff.

I don’t think lots of superficial diplomas all over the walls are imperative, but they are impressive. The important thing is ongoing trainingand education to keep up with the newest technology. The owner should not only be a mechanic, but more importantly a good business man. A technician is not a business man and may not even understandthe paradigm of doing business. The most competent replacement shops will always seek the best suppliers they can find and build good relationships with them.  For instance, is a time proven transmission shop who builds confidence in you from the second they answer the phone.

Don’t forget that if the shop owner listens well, then they can really fit you with exactly what you need. Without seeing the car and talking with you there is no way to determine if you even need a replacement transmission. I have seen cases that were mistaken for being a transmission problem and actually were engine problems.

 Best of luck I hope this was helpful.


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