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Brake Repair Information Serving Marion VA area

Posted by Brian Brown on June 12, 2013 at 9:20 AM

Are you having Brake Problems? Are you in need of Brake Repair? At Bob's Garage in Sugar Grove we serve the surrounding Marion, VA area with top quality Brake Repair service. We provide brake repair on rotors, drums, calipers, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, ABS systems, brake lines, and more for all cars and trucks. Nothing is more important when it’s time to stop than your car or truck’s braking system. Whether you've got all-wheel disc brakes or an older drum brake system, brakes equal stopping power. If your brakes don’t stop you can easily get into an accident. Whatever your braking needs, Bob's Garage has the right brake parts at the right price. We offer several major brake brands on the market today.

In case your car or truck is having braking system issues please visit Bob's Garage for a brake system check up. We'll check it out and evaluate your breaks then give you a reputable opinion on the braking systems condition. For those who have issues delaying the repairs to your braking system will only cost you more money. It isn't always real easily known if your car or truck requires a braking system repair. In case your brakes squeak just a little, that is normal. Brakes will squeak from time to time because the lubrication that comes with every braking system may not have been administered once the brakes had been installed or sometimes squeaking is caused by rust or debris. However if you regularly hear your breaks squealing more than a couple days I recommend you get it checked out. However, it's not the squeaking you will need to worry about. It’s when your brakes wear down and you hear a grinding sound when using the braking pedal. You also might hear a crunch noise if you have to hit the brakes fast and hard. Squeaking, grinding or crunching sounds are 3 very good symptoms it is time to have your braking system evaluated. Brakes that are excessively worn or damaged may not stop your vehicle in time. Badly worn, warped or overheated brake rotors can damage wheel bearings and the complete wheel hub assembly. These parts often cost as much or more than the brakes themselves. Let alone, worn brakes are just simply very unsafe.

There are essentially 4 major types of brake pads:

1. Semi Metallic,

2. Non-Asbestos Organic

3. Low-Metallic NAO

4. Ceramic

Bob’s Garage will evaluate and recommend the best brakes for your needs and your budget.

At Bob's garage we know how important it is to have good working brakes on your car or truck. The most important thing to remember when it comes to brake problems, as soon as any brake problem is noticed get your brakes checked and/or repaired immediately. Happy driving and please think of Bob’s Garage the next time you hear any of the sounds we discussed.


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