Brake Repairs

Bob's Garage specializes in all kinds of repairs including Brakes. We stock many brands but if not we can usually get them in same day. Be sure to review our blog post on Brake Repair -   Brake Repairs Sugar Grove VA | Marion VA | Smyth County

Ceramic Brake Pads Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic pads represent the latest in brake pad technology and were originally introduced on production vehicles in the 1980s. Ceramic pads are created from a blend of super-strong ceramic and copper fiber imbedded into the pad compound. Here's a quick breakdown of their pros and cons:

  • They're quieter than semi-metallic pads
  • They create less dust, keeping your wheels cleaner
  • They last longer than semi-metallics
  • They're not recommended for racing or heavy-duty towing
  • They're generally more expensive than comparable metallic pads
  • They generally cause more wear to brake rotors than metalli

Metallic Brake Pads Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Semi Metallic brake pads have been around for decades and as their name implies, are made with portions of metal fibers in the brake pad compound. High quality semi metallic pads contain fine metallic fibers, while cheaper pads will have larger, more coarse portions of metal imbedded into the compound. Here are the pros and cons of semi-metallic brake pads:

  • Work great when cold, excellent for short trips and cold climates
  • They're available in track-ready and heavy-duty towing formulations
  • They're relatively less expensive than comparable ceramic pads
  • They're typically easier on rotors than ceramics
  • They're louder than ceramic pads
  • They generate more black dust that sticks to wheels easier
  • They don't last as long as ceramics

Will also check your rotors, brake cylinder, brake lines and more.

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